Club Rides

Caerphilly Cycling club on FacebookClub rides take place in the evenings from the first week in April until the end of September.  The Sunday ride takes place throughout the year.

It would be nice to say that the rides happen in all weathers, but this is Wales and we're not that dumb.  For the most up to date information, check us out on Facebook.  The rides leave at the times shown below, so be there earlier and ready to go.

Tuesday 18:15 / Women 18:15

Caerphilly Cycling Club Tuesday ride

Main club ride for the intermediate and advanced groups.  Usually taking in a selection of hills.  This is the main club training ride and is meant to be challenging for those taking part.

There is a second ride for women only.  Often this will be split into novice and steady groups.

Thursday 18:15

Caerphilly Cycling Club Thursday Beginner ride

Beginner ride for the novice and steady groups that want to develop their skills and build fitness.  Slower pace with only minor hills.

This is a great introduction to group riding and a nice way to ease yourself into the club.

Sunday 09:00

Caerphilly Cycling Club Sunday ride

This ride is aimed at all the groups and you are encouraged to find and select the group that matches your ability.  Typically Sunday rides are over bigger distances and hilly terrain, but there are no hard rules for this.

The Different Groups

The following is a guide only. It can be used to choose which group of riders you should aim for and what would be expected of you. Remember that average speeds are difficult to pin down and can be affected by the nature of the terrain and the weather conditions encountered.  The distances mentioned aren't necessarily what you will encounter on the club rides, but they are what you should be capable of doing.

Novice Group
  • Aim - This group is aimed at the rider who has just started out, but has ridden a good number of times by themselves to build up a reasonable level of fitness.
  • Distance – 20-30 miles on rolling terrain.  You'd be expected to ride 20 miles in two hours or less and 30 miles in three.
  • Average Speed – Up to 12 mph.
  • Stops – Frequent stops along the route to rest and regroup.
  • Skills – You should have the skills necessary to fix a puncture and to be able to deal with a dropped chain for example (don't worry, help from others is always on hand).  You should read the riding advice here.
  • Equipment – Road or hybrid bike (no suspension).
Steady Group
  • Aim – This group is aimed at the rider who has been riding for a while and has built up a good level of fitness.
  • Distance – 30-40 miles on rolling terrain with some minor hills.
  • Average Speed – 12-14 mph.
  • Stops – You would be encouraged to minimise the number of stops along the route and to keep riding.
  • Skills – You’ve probably fixed the odd puncture by yourself.  You should be comfortable with and have a good understanding of the riding advice here.
  • Equipment - Road or hybrid bike (no suspension).
Intermediate Group
  • Aim – This group is aimed at the rider who has been riding for a season or two. Maybe entered the odd sportive and is really looking to push on.
  • Distance – 40-50 miles on hilly terrain.
  • Average Speed – 14-16 mph.
  • Stops – Stops along the route are now few and far between.
  • Skills – You can fix a puncture and a snapped chain.  You should understand the etiquette and be completely comfortable with group riding and require little advice on riding skills.
  • Equipment – Road bike.
Advanced Group
  • Aim – This is for the seasoned rider with a high level of fitness. You would likely have several sportives behind you and you are comfortable spending all day on a bike.
  • Distance – 50-70 miles over a very hilly course. You’ve probably done century rides.
  • Average Speed – 16-19 mph and higher again over a flat course.
  • Stops – Don’t expect any rest stops along the route and the pace will remain high throughout the ride.
  • Skills – You’ve probably had your bike in bits at some point and have enjoyed fixing it.  You've ridden in a group and chain gang more times than you can remember and you have a lot of experience to pass on to other riders.  You'd likely consider yourself a ride leader.
  • Equipment – If you haven’t a road bike by now, really what are you doing.
Women's Group
  • Aim – To actively encourage female riders into the sport and to provide a safe and friendly environment for riding.  Routes are chosen to be low traffic, interesting and challenging.  No rider is left behind.
  • Depending on the riding abilities present, the ride may split into groups to accommodate all abilities. See group information above for expectations.

Code of Conduct

All our rides are covered by our Code of Conduct.


The Club Rides Leave From Here

Our regular club rides leave from the Tommy Cooper statue in the centre of Caerphilly (CF83 1JL).  If required, a car park is immediately adjacent.  The rides leave on time.