Please take a moment to read through some of the frequently asked questions.

You join the club by following the links here. Payment is made through the British Cycling website.
There are regular rides throughout the week and the information regarding these can be found here or on Facebook.
Yes, you can view our club kit here and it is available to buy several times a year. For our leisure range you can go to our shop and purchase online at any time.
Yes, these rides are very popular and more information can be found here.
You are not permitted to use tri-bars whilst riding with a group. This is for your own and the group’s safety.
  • Spare tube(s)
  • Tyre levers
  • Pump or CO2
  • Multi-tool
  • Chain breaker and quick links
  • Plenty to drink
  • Food/energy products
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather
  • Cash
  • A mobile phone is usually a good idea
For beginner rides, the pace is governed by whatever feels comfortable to those involved, but expect the pace to be about 12 mph with ride durations of two hours plus. You’ll soon build fitness and with that will come more speed and endurance. For the other main club rides, they’ll vary from anything from about 13 to 19 mph depending on the terrain and weather conditions encountered. There’s more information in the club rides section.
Please do. In fact come out for two rides before deciding whether to join the club.   If you do join, then great, we look forward to riding with you.   If not, no hard feelings. Go and enjoy yourself and we’ll see you out on the road some day.
We all had to start somewhere and definitely remember what it’s like to feel a little apprehensive about group riding, road riding and wondering if you’re fit enough to ride with a club. The good news is we offer a regular beginner ride so you can hopefully feel comfortable testing your legs in a more relaxed group environment where there’s no pressure to perform at a certain speed or to climb every hill in sight. We want to push you a little and perhaps lift you a touch outside your comfort zone, but not enough that you can’t walk the day after and never want to come back. We’d expect you to have a reasonable level of fitness and to be able to ride for about two hours or more. Regular riders will be on hand to offer advice and help you out as much as possible. Any questions, just ask.
Starting cycling is a great way to build fitness. Certainly if you join the club and commit to the rides you’ll be building fitness at a rapid rate. If you’ve any doubts, then start off on the beginner ride. There’s no pressure there to ride at a certain speed or a certain distance. If you’re riding for 2 to 3 hours and can maintain a 15-16 mph average. Then you’ll probably fit right in with the main club rides straight away and skip over the beginner groups.
No rider will be left behind on a ride . If you find yourself dropping back, the group will wait at the next junction or the top of the hill. Fitter riders will often do hill repeats until the last rider has caught up and had time to catch their breath.
For the beginner rides, probably not. A good hybrid would be fine provided it has tyres suited to road riding, but if the bike has suspension it’s not appropriate for group road riding and it’s unlikely you’d be allowed to participate. A lot of beginners start with a hybrid, become hooked on cycling and then buy a road bike. For the main club rides, whilst it’s possible to use a hybrid you’ll likely find it more comfortable and efficient perched atop a road bike.
Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to accept riders under the age of 18 on the main club rides.
Individual riders are encouraged to take out their own insurance with British Cycling for example.