Ride Leaders

Club rides often have large numbers of riders in attendance.  The following is for guidance:

  • The groups should be split by ability.
  • Each group should have a designated ride leader.
  • Group sizes should be around eight to ten riders.  This is especially important in built up areas for safety reasons.
  • It is not necessary to keep different groups together by agreeing to meet at certain places (unless that is the plan for the ride e.g. a ride to Newport Flats).
  • Riders should stay with the same group for the duration of the ride.


Ride Leader Expectations

As a nominated ride leader, you are representing the club.  As such, you should be informative, friendly and take care that riders know the route and feel part of the group.

A ride leader needs to be an experienced rider who is not afraid to take control of a group, has good experience of the local routes and is able to uphold the standards expected of the club.


Before the ride
  • Make yourself aware of any new riders and their capabilities.
  • Introduce yourself to the group as ride leader and give the CCC brief i.e. Course, Cautions, Conclusion.
  • Course
    • Announce the route for the ride.
  • Cautions
    • Highlight any potential hazards.
    • Explain the lost rider policy.
  • Conclusion
    • Explain that the group stays together until the end of the ride.  This is normally inside the Caerphilly town limits.
    • Remind riders to inform the group if they intend to leave the route for any reason.
  • Nominate a sub ride leader and let them know what’s expected of them.  Shared responsibility for:
    • Keeping the group in check on busy roads with one of you riding at the back.
      • Two abreast and in a tight group when possible.  Giving the ‘Pair Up’ and ‘Single Out’ commands when required.
    • Keeping the group together and not letting riders be dropped


During the ride
  • Set an example regarding safety and ensure riders adhere to the club code of conduct.
  • Keep the ride pace comfortable and within the ability of the group
  • Keep the group together on busy roads and elsewhere ensure that riders aren’t left behind.
  • Never leave a rider stranded unless the group and rider has agreed to it.
  • Be aware of the riders during the entire ride.  If they are in difficulty, either go back and ride with them or secure a volunteer to do so.
  • Don’t feel you have to ride at the front the whole time.  Float around the group when practical.


Chain Gang
  • A regular ride for Caerphilly Cycling Club is to the Newport Flats.  A trip here is the perfect opportunity for a chain gang.
  • For the sake of safety, have the rotation of the riders with the riders moving back on the pavement side and riders moving up on the road side.



It should be noted that whilst the club has qualified British Cycling Ride Leaders it is not always those people who lead the rides and whilst on a club ride those leaders are not covered by the British Cycling Ride Leader remit.  The term Ride Leader as used by the club should be thought of as more of a ride organiser and this person cannot accept responsibility for the group in terms of liability.  The individual riders are themselves to accept responsibility and it is highly recommended to insure yourself through British Cycling.